Friday, August 12, 2011

A letter from UKM..

Received a letter from UKM...
Hehehe..Thank you so much..
Jasamu dikenang....

I`m Employed!

One day, while checking my mail..
I`m so excited that i received a request for an interview ;)
Then, i accept that offer...
Its been a while because more than 200 position i had applied in the jobstreet...
so, not bad la...At least I got one...

First Interview
Location:PJU5 14/14
Position: Data entry

pergh..rejected..lack of interview skill..
its my fault la..negotiate salary cara salah..
nampak sangat tak bersedia...

Second Interview
Location:Damansara, IUCN
Position : Student Accomodation Officer

Entah apa2 la jawatan aku apply ni!
Warden!..tapi tak pa...aku cuba je pon..hahaha

Third Interview
Location: Glenmarie, Shah Alam
Position: Admin Assistant

Yang ni interview aku paling dahsyat..
Sebabnya..ada ujian IQ dan Computer Assessment..pastu interview lak..
tapi,alhamdulillah...for starter gaji aku 2+++...okey for fresh graduate..
Aku akan bekerja dengan sungguh-sungguh...

Cukup sebulan aku menganggur ;)

Damco Logistic (M)Sdn.Bhd. under Maersk...
I will serve u well bebeh!

Busy Busy Busy!

I`m not sure la...being here (KJ) since 2 August 2011..
Totally busy, got to handle everything...
1 mission : photocopying all the certificates
2 mission : Find a school to approve all the certificates..
3 mission : Send my resume and cover letter to companies..
4 mission : Checking email everyday!

Okay, this is the school where i seek for their signatures..
Location: Kelana Jaya (near with my house)


Finally, my practical training report completed!
Now, my mission is to be a job hunter..
Hehehe..just want to show u my report...