Thursday, December 23, 2010


Time cuti semester ni aku membantu sister aku mengemas tadika dia..
So, hari terakhir aku menolong..
Aku decide untuk bawa kamera and snap beberapa picas..
So, orang bleh dapat overview tentang keadaan disitu..S
emasa disitu, kami sentiasa ditemani oleh seorang kanak-kanak kecil.
Dia seorang pendiam, pemalu tapi dah lama aku p akhirnya baru la aku dilayan…hehe.. …rindu plak rasanya..huhu..No mood for blogging..Just enjoy the photos…


My aunt, my cousin and me went out to night market last Saturday..
It was fun and I did quite enjoy myself.
It’s been a while I didn’t went out to any night market because I’m not used to it and in other words…I am not allowed to go out especially at night..
So, I purchased some inners and cardigan..

So, what happened was, while we are otw and yet I was the person who responsible to drive that car…
that is automatic..
I`m not used to drive automatic because usually I drive it manually..
Hehe..sorry aunt…i`m not a competent driver when it comes to automatic..
Then, my cousin said

Cousin: Kak tiqah…ada apa tu?
Aku: Mana? ..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(screaming)

Screaming continuously and ignoring people who stared at me when I stop that car…I
t was pacat…dem…it sucked my blood! …h
aha..the situation in the car a lil bit chaotic when my aunt searching for tissues for me……Sorry aunt..


This entry refers to the previous entry that is “saya rimas”
All of the words are comes truly from deep of my heart..
I didn’t mean anything..
Just want to express my feeling and how do I feel.
For those who blog walking and read that entry….I hereby would like to seek apologies to whom it concern.. Its been a while I didn’t update my entry…Actually, I have been writing but didn’t have time to update it…So enjoy reading