Thursday, December 23, 2010


My aunt, my cousin and me went out to night market last Saturday..
It was fun and I did quite enjoy myself.
It’s been a while I didn’t went out to any night market because I’m not used to it and in other words…I am not allowed to go out especially at night..
So, I purchased some inners and cardigan..

So, what happened was, while we are otw and yet I was the person who responsible to drive that car…
that is automatic..
I`m not used to drive automatic because usually I drive it manually..
Hehe..sorry aunt…i`m not a competent driver when it comes to automatic..
Then, my cousin said

Cousin: Kak tiqah…ada apa tu?
Aku: Mana? ..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(screaming)

Screaming continuously and ignoring people who stared at me when I stop that car…I
t was pacat…dem…it sucked my blood! …h
aha..the situation in the car a lil bit chaotic when my aunt searching for tissues for me……Sorry aunt..

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