Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear lovelies,

Pls note that i`m here writing and used this blog as a medium to express my feelings.
If you dont like my writing then you free to go and unfollow my blog.

Before this, i`m an ego person.
I used to think only about myself..
Yes, i`m selfish.. I admit that..
I`m the type of person who trust only few people.
Dont know why i`m like that.

Lots of incident happened in my life..
Sometimes I feel I dont want to live anymore..
But in reality, life must go on..
I`m not a stronger person..
The day I lost my late father (3rd Oct) in my life,
I feel like the world is spinning..
All lies and I cant accept that..
But death is something we as human cannot run..
We will face death one day..

Late evening when arrived at home,
I only see my father corpse
Only yasin I can give to him..
All things that happen in my life, really give me big impacts..
Yes,I love my abah..I miss him so much till now..
Million times I wish to turn back the time..
But, he never there..
Even on my convocation day..
Only Allah knows my feeling how sad I was..
I only saw my friends, enjoyed and happy with their parents..
But me?? Abah, if you u can saw me :(

My days feel so lonely without abah..
Every angle reminds me of him..
Memories remains with me forever..
Sometimes I cried so hard ..
But million of tears wont bring abah back..

Thank you for everything..
I miss you and still..

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  1. hi tikah..
    kak nureen ni..
    i polo U...
    pjgnyerr crita.. x dan nk baca.. sng2 nanti k.nureen baca k :)