Sunday, May 22, 2011

I`m searching for something...

Mula-mula kerja...
Aku rasa sunyi sangat..
Nobody to talk...
Balik umah dah letih...
Most of the time..lepas tulis laporan harian..
aku terus tidox..
Aku dah mula menghargai masa tidur..
Cuma..pasal game tu..
Aku akan buka juga tiap2 hari..
walaupun sat..hehe

Minggu first..
Aku banyak contact dengan sister aku..
and I wonder when she will deliver her baby?
and I can`t wait!
Thanks to her for giving motivational words everyday to me..
But somehow..
I feel so lonely..
Yet i`m searching for something in my life..
And actually I dont know what it is?

Few days back..
When i`m on my way to work..
that morning I cried...
tears just falling apart...
and i told myself (self spoken)
"Each decision we made will make who u are in the future"..
This is destiny..
and I believe in qada and qadar Allah..

I need friends..
They are so far from me..
Work means lonely..
I cant see their to them...spend time with them..
Just a phone call and messages..
Dear my beloved friends..
I missed all the moments we spends together..
I will take care of myself more...
Thanks for everything dear friends...


  1. alo tosianya dia...naper x ajak mber praktikal skali...lama tu nk praktikal kt strong okkei.

  2. tak sama kak skin...member lama x sama ngn member baru ;)